Carrier download / transfer multiple drivers / vehicles logs upon DOT inspection


Per ELD mandate:

4.9.2. Motor Carrier Data Reporting

(b) An ELD must produce, on demand, a data file or a series of data files of ELD records for a subset of its drivers, a subset of its vehicles, and for a subset of the 6-month record retention period, to be specified by an authorized safety official, in an electronic format standard described in section of this appendix or, if the motor carrier has multiple offices or terminals, within the time permitted under § 390.29.

(c) At a minimum, an ELD must be able to transfer the ELD records electronically by one of the following transfer mechanisms:

  (1) Web Services as specified in section of this appendix (but not necessarily wirelessly), and Email as specified (but not necessarily wirelessly); or

  (2) USB 2.0 as specified in section of this appendix and Bluetooth, as specified in section (both incorporated by reference, see § 395.38).


Carrier should be able to generate logs in electronic format standard (CSV files)  for a subset of drivers, vehicles for specific dates upon inspection officials request. 

e.g. logs for vehicle A and B in "01/01 - 03/01".


We can only find the DOT inspection feature for 1 driver in the Geotab Drive mobile app, which can send the CSV files to FMCSA in the requested format but only for the logged in driver.


Can you point us to the corresponding features in Geotab web page for carrier?


Derek Li

Official comment


Hi Derek.

Please contact your Geotab reseller for assistance with this request. If they need any assistance, they will contact Geotab support and be pointed in the right direction.


Kyle Dodsworth

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Hi Kyle,

Thanks a lot for the rely.

This is Derek, a software engineer from Flexport. We are one of the companies that resell Geotab devices to carriers.

We are going through the regulations to make sure we understand all the features needed for carriers to stay compliance.


After going through the Geotab product guide and Geotab Drive Compliance and Implementation Guide, we have yet able to a way for carrer admins to download / send logs in FMCSA format (the equivalent roadside inspection logs transfer feature in Geotab Drive).




Can you confirm if such feature exists? We believe this feature is required to stay in compliance.

Thank you very much!


Derek Li 0 votes

Yes, 100% a feature - if you need to do a transfer to the FMCSA for audit purposes, it's is accessed via an add-in or api call (until the 1802 release when it will simply be a button). 

Kyle Dodsworth 0 votes

>if you need to do a transfer to the FMCSA for audit purposes, it's is accessed via an add-in or api call 

How can we use the API to initiate a transfer to the FMSCA? Is this functionality documented and officially supported by Geotab?

Max Heinritz 0 votes

Apologies, the API option is not supported. Geotab has an Add-In that can be installed to a database if this functionality is needed until the 1802 release when it will be baked into the product. 

Please reach out to your reseller to have the Add-In installed.

Kyle Dodsworth 0 votes