SDK Notice: Nuget package DiagnosticType compatibility


Update to nuget package version 5.7.1802+

An issue was discovered which could cause integrations using the Geotab.Checkmate.Objectmodel nuget package v5.7.1801 and lower to encounter a serailizaion failure when a new DiagnosticType is introduced. The issue has been addressed in nuget package v5.7.1802. To ensure compatibility, it is strongly recommended that all integrations referencing the nuget package v5.7.1801 and lower update to version v5.7.1802 as soon as possible. A new DiagnosticType is planed to be added in v5.7.1803 of the software (currently in early development stage).

note: this issue is only relevant to .Net nuget package users


My112 is used as a canary server. It receives major updates in advance of production roll outs. Many integrators used this server to create test databases for integration testing. It is generally not suitable for a production database due to the nature or canary builds. To ensure your test database is created on my112, register directly from my112.geotab.com/registration.html.

At the time of this writing production servers are running v5.7.1801 and my112 is running v5.7.1802. v5.7.1803 is not yet available for testing.

Steve Hansen

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Other than occasionally checking in on these forums, is there a way we can get notified of upcoming breaking changes?  Is there an e-mail list we can subscribe to?

Dave Andrews 0 votes

Hi Dave,

There's a few ways to get notified:

  • Check or subscibe to forums
  • Check SDK What's New page
  • Watch SDK repo on GitHub and make sure your preferred notification type enabled (also, service to subscribe to select file updates, have not tested)
  • Subscribe to the Geotab blog, updates are emailed

Hope that helps,


Steve Hansen 0 votes