Odometer offset and factor. Is this still possible to add?



Is this still possible to add a factor to Odometer readings in current available MyGeotab versions?

I know I can "add an offset" by typing a different value of the odo under Vehicles.

However. can we still add a multiplier factor?

(as seen in past, as explained in post https://helpdesk.geotab.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/214445863-Odometer-Offset-and-Factor-Explained?input_string=Odometer%20offset%20and)


Thanks in advance

Cesar Ortiz

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Odometer factor is still a device property that can be changed via the API. However, based on an internal investigation we found the majority of users were using this field incorrectly when it was part of the UI (many odometer factors were set to 0).

If you wish to change the Odometer factor you will have to do a SET<Device> call via the API.

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