Geotab Drive 4.1 - Important Information for Geotab Drive Add-in Developers


Geotab is gearing up to release Geotab Drive app version 4.1. 

The following is for Geotab Drive addin developers, who utilize links within their addin to external web pages. In Drive App 4.1, the Geotab Drive development team, has added an extra layer of security when navigating to external web pages from the Drive App.

If you're using HTML <a> tag with href attribute, you will now have to add target="_blank" attribute to the tag to open an external web page in Chrome/Safari. If you're opening external web pages programmatically with the help of the window.open() method, you also need to specify the second parameter as "_blank".

To go back to the Drive App in case you're using <a> tag with href and target attributes, drivers have to either open Geotab manually from open apps, since the browser is now opened with an external web page, or if you have control over the external web page, you can add a "Back to Drive" link, which has to have a href="geotabdrive://" attribute-value pair.
In case you open external page programmatically with window.open() drivers will see an in-app browser and its controls. If the driver wants to navigate back to the Drive app, the driver can click the X button on the top right of the screen or native "back" arrow at the bottom.

Please see this link for more details on implementation:  https://geotab.github.io/sdk/software/guides/drive-addins/#opening-third-party-applications-using-uri-schema

Grish S

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This is not working using window.open() and _blank. Used to (works) in 4.0


webpage not available.


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