Geotab Drive 4.1 - app not opening



The Geotab Drive team recently pushed out Geotab Drive version 4.1 on the Google Play Store. 

We have had reports from users on Samsung tablets on Android versions 4.4 - 5.1 that they are unable to open the Geotab Drive app. You may see a message like this: "Unfortunately, Geotab Drive has stopped"

In order to resolve this issue, users will need to do this simple change:

1. Open settings of the tablet
2. Navigate to Settings -> Language and Input
3. Go to Text-to-speech options
4. Choose Google Text-to-speech Engine.
* Please note: If you do not see Google text-to-speech engine listed, then you will need to first install Google Text-to-speech app from the Play Store.
5. Now when you open the Geotab Drive app, the app will open. 
Vik Sridhar

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