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An user deleted some Geotab Zones a couple of hours ago and I need to to recover them. Is it possible to recover a Zone data that was deleted by a user (after the 'Undo' button is not visible for them anymore)? I have the previous zone ID and its name, and the time stamp from the Audit Log from when the zone was deleted.

I didn't find an option for that on the MyGeotab GUI or in the SDK documentation (but I don't exclude the possibility that I might have over-viewed something).

Thank you for your help!

Rafael Lanfredi

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Hi there Rafael!

It does not appear that there is any way to recover a zone after it has been removed. When removing a zone you receive a message "This zone will be permanently deleted and will not be recoverable." While some other actions will leave enough information in the audit log to recover the lost information, zone audit log information does not include the address or geographical location where the zone was located. Due to this, it makes it impossible to recover a zone after it has been removed. 

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Alex Montenegro

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