Custom Exception Rule Looking at only true Engine Faults faults from J1708, J1939 & OBD systems as well as Input Sensors. Ignoring Ignoring all Telematics device Faults


I am looking to create a Custom Exception that only looks at 'True Engine Faults', what I mean by this is faults that come from J1708, J1939 & OBD systems as well as all Input Sensors.

Ignoring all Telematics device Faults- such as (Telematics device fault: all power removed-device restarted) &  (Telematics device fault: the device has been unplugged) these faults are not useful to alert on when looking at just Engine Faults. I would understand these as Telematics device faults. 

I was able to create Custom Exceptions looking at only J1708, J1939 & OBD system faults by inspecting the HTML on the drop down box of the conditions editor for Type= Any Fault and Displaying all diagnostics. I filtered to 'J1708' then inspected the page and got all of the unique identifiers such as (a_-2E_VWzXEGcp054yVKDjg) it was a huge list for all codes corresponding to the 3 systems.

I have expectations now looking at just those three systems. The problem is I'm missing all the faults for input sensors. Faults such as Engine transmission oil temperature, Engine coolant temperature and so on. These are not strictly related to J1708, J1939 & OBD systems so I can't filter the drop down box to display all of these faults and include them in my conditions. I would have to go through one by one and add them. Or download the whole list and filter out the faults that I already have or do not need. 

The problem here is I don't know all of the faults that are related to these sensors so If I forgot some, the exceptions wouldn't be accurate. That would also take forever.


Ways I see making this possible:

1) Find a list of all fault codes that the GO8 can identify with their unique identifiers.

2) Find out if it is possible to add a NOT condition to the conditions editor. This way I can use the all Active Faults option and not the (Telematics device fault: all power removed-device restarted) &  (Telematics device fault: the device has been unplugged) 

3) Any other ideas that anyone has?


Thank you for your time,




Casey Rash

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Hello Casey,

This is definitely an excellent question. After digging into this it does not appear that there is an effective way to create this as an exception as some faults may get missed. The best idea in this case would be to run an advanced engine faults report and set it up to be emailed or ran daily. The report template could also be customized to sort out all telematics faults and only display true engine faults. You can then re-upload the template with the customization to use that moving forward. This would be the best way to find any active faults while being able to filter out telematics device faults.

Best Regards,



Alex Montenegro
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