Staying in Drive mode


 We are having several truck that unit is always in drive mode even if the truck is not on. Why would this be?


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Hey there,

If a device loses communication (doesn't get power or gets disconnected) after the vehicle being on Drive Mode, it stays in Drive because that's the last Duty Status Log. Since the ELD is not connected, then it can't detect that the vehicle stopped moving, and it won't change automatically to On Duty. 

  • It might be that there is an issue with the battery of the vehicle and the device loses power.
  • It might be that the installation is bad, and the device is loosened.


  1. Power cycle the device (unplug and plug back in)
  2. Make sure the device is plugged in properly, secured with a zip tie and not moving in order to prevent a disruption in the connection.
  3. Inspect for damage: vehicle port and device
  4. Check if the battery is sufficiently charged. 

Please let us know if you have any other questions. Have a good one!

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