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Is it possible to set a rule to determine when a device is swerving?


I was thinking in:

Every time the Side G Forces goes over X and Y AND  the device speed goes over Z mph.

The vehicle is

Volvo XC60 (2015)
Tony Cura

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Hello Tony,

I would say that rule would work well. By using the condition 'Status Data Diagnostic "Acceleration side to side" > __G or Status Data Diagnostic "Acceleration side to side" > -__ G and Speed > __mph', would be your best bet for your swerving rule. This rule is somewhat like your possible accidents rule but will only break with side to side acceleration over a certain speed. 


1) To do so go to Rules & Groups > Rules > Add > Create the Name for the rule and select the "Conditions" tab.  

2) Under conditions you will be setting "Add Engine" > Measurement or Data > type Acceleration side to side and select the measurement which you can change under "ADVANCED CONDITIONS EDITOR".  

3) Then go to More > select "or" > repeat step 2 with Neg (-) in front of measurement under "ADVANCED CONDITIONS EDITOR"

4) Last step is to Go to More > select "and" > "Add Speed" >  Save.


Thank you,




Jenna Uyehara

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