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Is it possible to replace geotab product guide with another product guide.We need this in order to add a translation of the current product guide in greek language for our customers.

Thank you in advance for your answer 


Euromat Ελλάς Α.Ε

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Hello Euromat Ελλάς Α.Ε,

It is definitely a possibility to add a page with your translated version of the product guide but you cannot replace the current one. If you head to our SDK link, https://geotab.github.io/sdk/software/guides/developing-addins/ you will see that you can add Pages into your MyGeotab Database in the form of Add-ins. This would be a work around for your customers if you'd like to just add a translated guide. You may also submit a Feature Request (https://www.geotab.com/blog/submitting-feature-requests/) as a reseller for Geotab to support the Greek language so the database as a whole can be in Greek.

Thank you,


Jenna Uyehara

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