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Good day!


I noticed there is a DVIR Defect option when we go to Rules>Add>Condition> More (Right under Device) DVIR Defect.


Right now in the Advanced Editor it only shows: DVIRDefect


But is not being triggered, is there anything I might be missing to be added?

Tony Cura

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Hello Tony,


DVIR Defect is a new rule condition we added with the 1801 update. This can be set up by selecting the following device condition and specifying the desired vehicle/driver.


*DVIR defects rule is only currently available for vehicles at this time, trailers are not included. Enable Feature Preview to test out this feature.


Thank you,


Jenna Uyehara

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So, to add the rule for All Vehicles, shuould I add every vehicle 1 by 1?

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Hello Tony,

This Condition has actually been updated to work while just setting it as "DVIRDefect". It will only go off if a Defect is processed for a vehicle. You can check to see if your rule is working by comparing it to your DVIR report under "Engine & Maintenance".

Don't forget to reprocess the data if you are trying to see past dates as the rule will only work from the time saved. To do so try the following:

  1. Go to MyGeotab
  2. Navigate to Rules & Groups
  3. Select Rules
  4. Click Reprocess data on Rules page
  5. Select Start date
  6. Select Vehicles
  7. Click Apply changes

Additional Information

Data reprocessing typically occurs overnight, and data may not be available until the next day. If a large number of data is selected for reprocessing, it might take more than one night until the task is complete.

Thank you,


Jenna Uyehara 0 votes