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I have a doubt in regards on how the Speed Bands Report works, as I understood, the reports shows how many times teh vehicles went over the speed limit mark, but if the settings are  70  75  80 , how is it possible that the  80mph has more events that 75mph.

maybe I'm misunderstanding the report, would you please advise.



Antonio Zumaya

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Hello Antonio,

Due to limited data access to your report, I am unable to fully check how it is set up. The default Speed Band Report is run by the following with the thought that 70 mph will always have more events or equal to 80 mph and 90 mph:


Sum of Speed > 70 MPH; Sum of Speed > 80 MPH; Sum of Speed > 90 MPH

Your current report seems like it was customized so it could be that it was set up with custom rules or the report itself was altered in a way to have the speed going "greater than 70mph but less than 80mph", etc. I would advise you to check how the report is set up and if there are rules attached to it. The default reports should look like this:



You can also create rules and create an exceptions report to see all rules broken if your report is still not working correctly. You can use the following to create them:

Navigate to Rule & Groups > Rules >Add

From the name tab

  1. Enter a descriptive name for your rule
  2. If desired, select a color
  3. Apply the rule to a group if needed or the company group will be selected as default
  4. if desired add a comment

From the conditions tab

  1. choose the appropriate category
  2. Fill the required values
  3. select add
  4. when completed, set up notifications or save

How to Run an Exceptions Report

1. Click on Rules and Groups.
2. Click on Exceptions.
3. In pop-up menu choose Date PeriodVehicles, Select Speed Rules and click Apply Changes.
4. Report will then generate.


Hope this helps!
Jenna Uyehara

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