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Client has requested that no user has access to the maps. Neither the administrator or resseler.

At the same time due to cost they will not install nfc but neither the drive app for the trucks.

It is possible to manual  assign a driver without showing the position of the vehicles on the map?

Do you think there is another way to handle the customer's request?

Thank you in advance 


Euromat Ελλάς Α.Ε

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Hey there!

So there is actually a tool we have that can be used to assign drivers without having to interact with the MyGeotab database.

The Bulk Driver Assignment Tool allows you to do this. Once you log into the desired database:
You need to input one vehicle per line with the specific assignment fields separated by a pipeline |
Each line will have three fields: Device|Driver|Type of assignment

This tool allows the database administrator to bulk assign drivers to vehicles. For further information when using the tool there is a help button on the top right-hand corner that is very helpful in identifying type of assignment and other things that may be unclear.

Best Regards,


Alex Montenegro

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Thank you for your answer.Αs the Assign Driver is on the platform there is some way to be able to transported "Assign driver" button to another menu like edit vehicles?Do you think it's feasible?

Τhank you

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That is definitely something that could be feasible. The best action to get that implemented is submitting a Feature request through Support. I have attached a link that speaks about the feature request process below:
Feature Request Blog

 Please contact your reseller for further information on how to submit a Feature Request.Thanks!

Best Regards,

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