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I have client that is looking to add/modify work hours in bulk at least as an initial first time load. They have drivers assigned to vehicles and are creating work hours for each technician then assigning the technician's work hours to the vehicle. As you can imagine this is a tremendously tedious and labor intensive task. The client does NOT have any programming resources to automate this in any way.

Is there any tool such as some of the GUI SDK tools Mauricio has built in the past that can be utilized to accomplish this?




Frank Daccardi

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Hello Frank,

The Bulk edit tool can be used to assign work hours using https://www.geotab.com/mygeotab/sdk/bulkedittool.html.

1. Select Device

2. Select Work Schedule 

3. Input the serial number and the desired work hours you would like to assign to the vehicle. 

4. Click Analyze and Submit 

I have put some screenshots below as well.




Jordan Jones

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Thanks for the reply. I apologize I was not more clear in my question. I'm looking for a method/tool that would allow the client to create new work hours or modify existing work hours in bulk. Assigning the work hours to devices/vehicles once created is a seperate task that we are comfortable with. Using the SDK with a programming resource is not an option for this client so the current approach is 100% manual. (screen shots below)

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