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Is there a way to get a report base on ignition On & Off  that only counts for Monday thru Friday , excluding Sat & Sun.




Antonio Zumaya

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There is definitely a way to accomplish this task.We would do this by creating a ignition rule and running it by a set of work hours in the conditions. We could then run an Advanced Exceptions Detail report to extract this information.

The first thing we would want to do is edit or add Work hours that go from Monday to Friday

  1.   Navigate to Activity 
  2.   Click Work Hours...
  3.    Then click Work Hours 
  4.    Select Add
  5.  Create Work hours that look like the screenshot below M-F from 00:00 to 23:59
  6.    Click Save

Next we would, create and Ignition On rule and an Ignition Off rule.

To do this you would:

Navigate to Rule & Groups > Rules >Add

From the name tab

  1. Enter a descriptive name for your rule (Ignition On or Ignition Off)
  2. Apply the rule to a group if needed or the company group will be selected as default

From the conditions tab

  1.  Press More..
  2. Selection Ignition
  3. Leave True for Ignition On
  4. Press Add
  5. Press More... again
  6. Select Work hours rule
  7. Select the Work hours you created
  8. Make sure to Save afterwards.

The Rule should appear similar to the screenshot below when completed

You can also create an Ignition Off rule by doing the same thing except setting the value to False.

Lastly, you can run an Advanced Exceptions Detail report for the rules created and it will show you all the times any vehicle turned their ignition On or Off.


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