Add-In Code Cached


Add-in code seems to be cached by the geotab servers and not pulling the most recent version of the add-in. This is fine for production code but is causing a large increase in our development time and troubleshooting. This seems to be the case on all users and machines.

Is there a way to disable caching for testing purposes?

For reference here is the script that is not providing most up to date add-in code: https://my{server_id}.geotab.com/{database}/RequiredScripts

Shane Graham

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Hello Shane,

Since I would require a link to your add-in/database, this needs to be investigated in a ticket.

Can you please make a ticket with Geotab Support if you are a reseller? Or if you are partnering with a Reseller, can you please contact your Reseller to make a ticket with Geotab Support regarding the issues you are facing?


Shivansh Singla 0 votes

Have you tried testing/development using Add-In Generator. It makes local add-in development a breeze.

Did you try disabling browser cache in dev-tools?

I found using something like gulp-uncache helps when the production files get updated to make sure the new files are used (instead of browser cached).
Maybe we should add this by default to generator...
Steve Hansen 0 votes

I also noticed something seems to have changed recently Steve. We use cache-busting techniques for CSS and javascript and that's always worked well. But the main HTML add-in file used to systematically be loaded fresh when it changed. Now, it's occurred a few times in the last few weeks that we pushed an updated HTML file and Geotab was still loading the old one from cache. It's a problem because we can't do anything about it, since Geotab loads it server-side and pre-processes it, nothing we can do from the browser to force it to load. We can't use cache busting URL manipulation either, otherwise we'd need to update the add-in code everywhere it has been deployed...

LP Papillon [d2go] 0 votes

Hey guys,

We identified the issue server side with caching external content. Will be fixed in v5.7.1804.



Steve Hansen 1 vote