My process is looping through the trips for a day, however the last trip of the days IdlingDuration is not always pulled as our process runs at night, before the drivers next trip starts, from my understanding, to include this last trips IdilingDuration the next trip needs to start before Geotab will report it.

If i set the property 'IncludeOverlappedTrips=true' will the Idlingduration for this last trip be included into my data set even before the next trip resumes.


Many Thanks


Brian Connell

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My understanding is you will get idlingDuration before the next trip starts, but it will include only the idling done during that trip and after that trip. However, it could change when vehicle starts before the next trip, any idling done before movement occurs on the next trip will be added to the idlingDuration of the previous trip. See this section in the doc:


I would use a getFeed for this and update idlingDuration if it changes the next day. 

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