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I saw a video where there is a Proximity add-in where I can find out if a vehicle was in a certain location at a certain date/time in the past.  I can't find that Proximity Add-in on the Marketplace.  Please advise - thanks!

Stephanie Low

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There is a relatively easy way to accomplish this with zones and rules.

  1. Create Zone: 
    1. Click on the map 
    2. Click the "Add Zone" button
    3. Click on the map to create the zone's perimeter
    4. Close the zone by clicking back on the first point added.
    5. Fill out the fields on the Zone Edit screen
    6. Click Save 

  2. Create rule "Device inside Zone": 
    1. Click "Rules & Groups"
    2. Click "Rules"
    3. Click "Add" button, fill out "Name" 
    4. Click "Conditions" tab, then click "Add zone or zone type" button
    5. Select "Zone Type" for the Type of the Zone 
    6. Select the Zone Type of your zones 
    7. Select "Entering" for the event
    8. Select "Save

  3. Perform data Reprocess:
           1.Click Rules & Groups
           2.Select Rules 
           3.Press Reprocess Data
           4.Input Start date and Vehicles
    (This will perform overnight if there is a large amount of data)

  4. Check results by running an exceptions report from within MyGeotab
           1. Click on Rules & Groups.
           2. Click on Exceptions.
           3. In pop-up menu choose Date PeriodVehicles, and Rule you created for zone 
           4. Click Apply Changes.
           5. Report will then generate.

With this method you will be able to create a zone around any areas you want to monitor and you can find out if any vehicle visited those areas.

Best Regards,

Alex Montenegro

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Thank you Alex.  Yes - I know this method you described already.  However, the Proximity Add-in is WAY quicker as per described in the video.  Does anyone know or can advise/investigate on where I can find the Proximity add-in since I can't find it in the Marketplace?

Thanks again!

Stephanie Low 0 votes

Hi Stephanie,

I looked into this and it looks like it is available as one of our SDK Add-in samples. You can find the configuration for it on this Proximity Add-In Link. The configuration for this add-in is on the bottom of the provided hyperlink under Installation.

  1. In your Geotab portal, navigate to Administration->System->System Settings
  2. Click on Add-Ins tab
  3. If Allow unsigned Add-ins is Off, please click On to turn it on. Note you will see a red alert here which is normal.
  4. Click the New Add-in button.
  5. Paste the configuration found on site given.
  6. Press Ok
  7. Click Save

Best Regards,


Alex Montenegro 0 votes