Add Last 7 Days to Date Period Filter & other suggestions


I'm not sure if this is the right place as it pertains to Geotab Drive but on the myGeotab site. 

Under Activity / Hos / Duty Status Logs it gives a Date Period filter.  The options are Today, Yesterday, This Week, Last Week, This Month, Last Month, and Custom.

It seems that it would be logical to have an option for Last 7-Days, Last 8-Days.  We have to use the custom date filter to do this today.  Otherwise you are clicking Today, Yesterday This week, Last Week etc just to see last 7 days of logs.

In addition, it would be very helpful to have 2 buttons called Next xxx and Previous xxx on the main screen that could correspond to the current selected date filter.  So if I have Today selected on the date filter, the buttons would be Next Day & Previous Day.  If I had This week Selected it would say Previous Week & Next Week.

Lastly, if the elog graph could resize to the currently selected range with the the totals for the entire date range on the graph.

These are all individual suggestions, that could be done separately.  This is something that Peoplenet has had (they have more date options as well but trying to limit my suggestion to the most useful) for many years and it really is easier to navigate their screen with these features.  I'm trying to not bias my opinion because we have been a Peoplenet customer but when I look at it objectively, it seems like a good idea to add.

Brent Vierling

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