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It seems that some of my drivers have a default vehicle.

Lets say that driver A has been using truck 1 for all week, when I pull HOS Logs they all say he has been using Truck B for all week. If i pull older records for that same driver all I get is a "ON" state with Truck 2.

Any Ideas?

Adolfo Alonso

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Hello Adolfo,

In this case what happened more than likely is that the driver didn't log in correctly to the truck 1 and he has been assigned all the time to truck 2. All the logs for truck 1 are likely under unassigned driver if no other driver logged into the Drive App and assigned himself to this vehicle. The logs can easily be reassigned to the right driver. 

Can you please create a support ticket and provide more details like database name and driver in question? I don't want to make any assumptions and would like to analyze what happened before jumping into conclusions. This can easily be addressed, so please give me the ticket number once you have it and I'll take a look. 


Jose Fernandez.

Jose Fernandez 0 votes

Hello José,
I will creaste a ticket ASAP.
In the time being I want you to know that our drivers are not using the drive app, they are using the NFC Tags as we are only interested in the driving time. Do you have any other idea?

Adolfo Alonso 0 votes