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Further to previous posted road speed posts and conversations:

  • Since all Geotab customer databases benefit from a update by anyone of a posted speed limit, what if someone makes a typo and incorrectly inputs the wrong speed.  That will reflect on all database reports for speeding on that road.  Will this error only be reconciled when Geotab does the monthly update from Open Street Maps?
  • Similarly, if someone does the open street map recommendation and opens an account there, then updates the posted speed limit incorrectly, it will reflect in all Geotab user’s databases once the OSM maps are updated. Is there a verification mechanism in place to validate the change?  For example if I update one location speed to 60, but with a typo I input 600, how does OSM or Geotab find it out and correct that?



Stephanie Low

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Hello Stephanie!

I have found the answers to your questions in the following blogs.



They discuss how Open Street Map updates the road speeds based on customer input. It also discusses how mistakes or outliers are handled. It goes over how updates in MyGeotab are handled compared to how they are handled if an OSM account is opened and updated from there. Please let me know if you still have any remaining questions after checking those blogs! 

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Alex Montenegro

Alex Montenegro

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