API Call: does not have security clearance for the requested operation



I am attempting to call your API via the DataFeed application, however I am getting a permission error.


Please would you assist?


WebServerInvoker exception in a call to 'Get': 'NotSupportedException User Jason.Smith@vivoenergy.com does not have security clearance for the requested operation: EngineControllerList or EngineDiagnosticList or AccidentDebugReport or EngineManagementReport\nCalled by: Get\nAccess list:\nDeviceList\nChangePassword\nNotificationList\nOrganizeViews\nUserSettings\nTripsActivityReport\nSpeedProfileRep

Uways Kureeman

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Hello Uways,

It seems like the user account being used does not have the permission to pull the information being requested.

Can you please check the security clearance of the user on MyGeotab and make sure the user has access to the appropriate features required for pulling that information? 

The following features relate to the exception events. Please switch on the appropriate one for your user.

Shivansh Singla 0 votes