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Hello Support,

it is possible to set the "Automatic vehicle management" option over the API by using the SDK?

We want to activate this for every new telemetry device if we add this to a new customer database.




Heiko Huber

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Hi Heiko,

There is an unsupported property of GoDevice object => bool "PinDevice". When enabled (true) the device is not automatically managed by the software. When disabled (false) the device is automatically managed by the software. The old meaning is that we "pin" the VIN to a device. So when "pinning" is disabled, when a device reports a different VIN the software understands this as the device has been moved between vehicles and needs to make the old historic and create a new Vehicle (Device) for which all new data will be associated.

For reference here is the description of the UI feature:

"Under normal circumstances, vehicles report unique identification numbers. The vehicle identification number (VIN) is used by the system to determine which vehicle is using which device. Once the system learns where the device is installed, the device serial number will be automatically assigned to the appropriate vehicle in the database. If a vehicle with the reported VIN does not exist in the database, a new vehicle entry will be created for that VIN. If automatic vehicle management is disabled, vehicles will not have device serial numbers automatically assigned to them when the device is moved from vehicle to vehicle."

Please keep in mind that this property is unsupported and thus could be changed in future without warning.



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