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I'm trying to embed the MyGeotab Map showing the driver information/routes onto a web page. Currently, for showing a single driver the URL is https://my53.geotab.com/(company_name)#map,liveVehicleIds:!(b***,b***) <---- I blocked the full four letter ID. Are there any other URL parameters I can pass to achieve this same result as I don't have access to these 4 letter IDs in my data set. I only have LogRecords and Trip that contains the data below. (Blocked out data with *)

Log Record

device_sn: G7********** 
   id: bB******* 
   latitude: 33
   longitude: -118
   speed_kph: 0
   timestamp: 2018-12-13T09:49:07.0000000-05:00
   vehicle_name: 81*** - ****** ****** (******)  
   vehicle_vin: 1F***************

Trip Record

device_sn: G7********** 
   id: b4******* 
   trip_distance_km: 0.3
   trip_end_time: 2015-01-01T15:47:28.0000000-05:00
   trip_start_time: 2015-01-01T15:46:41.0000000-05:00
   vehicle_name: 81*** - ****** ****** (******)
   vehicle_vin: 1F***************

Steven Kligman

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Good morning! We created a ticket for you.

Your post has some information that is specific to your database so we will archive this post and help you in the ticket. See you over there!

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Heather R 0 votes

Hey Steve,

You could display vehicles on the map based on devices instead of drivers, if you do that then you would have that as part of both results under device.id.

If you absolutely need driver id then you will need to extract the DriverChange object as that will tell you what driver/user ID is assigned to what device.

Mauricio Muniz 0 votes