DutyStatusAvailability: Workday vs Duty


In DutyStatusAvailability, what is the difference between Workday and Duty, and when will each be present?  Looking at my data, most records have Workday but not Duty, and the others have Duty but not Workday.

Ben Virkler

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Depending on the drivers ruleset, specific Duty or Workday limits will apply. Duty is a consecutive limit and Workday is non-consecutive limit and will continue to increment for off-duty logs below the consecutive OFF-duty time. 

The Duty Limit: 

  • is the total time that a driver can spend on the ON status during their workday.
  • will count down only when the driver is logging on-duty statuses.
  • will reset when the required OFF-Duty time has been met.

The Workday Limit:

  • is the time limit that a driver has before he must end his day.
  • begins counting down from the first D or ON status log.
  • will count down afterwards regardless of the status.
  • will continue to count down until the required OFF-Duty time has been met.
Christoph Middleton 1 vote

Hi Ben,

It depends on the driver's HOS Rule Set.

Some rule sets have workday limits, i.e. America7Day has a workday limit of 14 hours but no duty limit.

Some rule sets have duty limits, i.e. America7DayPassenger has a duty limit of 15 hours but no workday limit.

So it depends on the HOS regulations under the driver's rule set.

Workday is defined as the amount of time since the driver started their day (or work shift). i.e. they cannot drive 14 hours after they start their workday, they must rest and reset their workday.

Duty is defined as the amount of on-duty hours allowed in a workday. i.e. they cannot drive after 15 hours of D and ON accumulated in their workday, they must rest and reset their workday.

I hope that clarifies things for you

Matt Claessens 1 vote

Thank you both for the clarification.  The source of my confusion was one of our drivers was configured with the wrong ruleset, so I was seeing data I wasn't expecting.

Ben Virkler 0 votes