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I am trying to create an alert by a specific group. For example, we have an issue with "unassigned" FOBS. these Fobs are in the group "Key Fob Inventory". I would like an alert to be sent when the ignition starts and a FOB is in the group "Key Fob Inventory". 

Is this possible?


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Hello Albert,

You can assign a group to a rule:

  1. Select Rules & Groups
  2. Click Rules
  3. Scroll down to Advanced
  4. Click on the specific rule
  5. Locate Publish to Groups
  6. Click on the downward facing arrow
  7. Select desired Group
  8. Click on Save

That will set up the rule to only alert for vehicles in the group it is published in. Under conditions of the rule, you can:

  1. Select More
  2. Under Device, select Ignition 
  3. True then Add
  4. Select Duration
  5. Add the duration that you would like the rule
  6. Then select Add 

Thank you,


Jordan Jones

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Thank you, but you may have misunderstood me. Your solution would actually move those Units to a group, not alert users of a group. 

Basically we have an issue with dealerships or managers giving guys fobs without assigning them. These FOBS are in the group "Key Fob Inevntory". The trucks themselves are OKAY. 

I wanted an alert to notify a manager if a truck was started with a key fob that was not assigned, which would be a FOB in the group "key fob inventory".  When a fob is unassigned, the alerts all show the driver as T#### (fob #) instead of a driver name etc.

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