Getting Trips timing out starting on 13-Jan-19


Every morning I run a job that uses the SDK to get all the Trips taken by vehicles in my fleet the previous day.  For example, it uses an API call like this:

"fromDate":"1/9/2019 06:00:00",
"toDate":"1/10/2019 05:59:59"

Prior to 13-Jan-19, it would take about 1 minute to get 16,000 trips.

On 13-Jan-19 and every day since, the call times out and returns nothing after running for 10 minutes.  My API call hasn't changed, and we haven't added a significant number of vehicles since 13-Jan.  Did something change on the GeoTab side around getting Trip data?  Performance seems to have crashed for me.

Eric Dreyer

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Hi Eric,

If that's really how you format your call, then my guess is it's not interpreting your timestamps in the way that you expect. Geotab expects ISO8601 timestamps, like this:


My guess is if you're passing in 1/13/2019 and 1/14/2019 it might think it's D/M/Y and M being over 12, considered invalid, the fromDate/toDate filter might be disregarded completely and then you'll for sure timeout if it's asking for ALL the trips on the database at once.

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