DVIRLog - How to prevent driver repair/certification of previous DVIR based on "Defect/Repair Status"?


Is there a way to prevent Geotab Drive App from allowing the driver to mark a defect as repaired or certify the previous DVIR?  For example, if the defect is under review by Maintenance before being repaired, or the repair information hasn't been updated yet.  We see the repair and certification properties of the DVIRLog, and it seems populating these may remove them from the driver's DVIR Workflow.  However, we wouldn't want to populate repair or certification data if the defect is "Pending Review" or "On Hold", so a "Defect/Repair Status" property would make most sense.  Is there a way to accomplish what we're trying to do?

Grace Singing

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Hi Grace, in Geotab Drive App, we have a RepairDVIR security filter for DVIRLog. Users who have this RepairDVIR access will be able to repair and certify DVIRLog, and users don't won't be able to do so. You can add or remove this Security clearance through the user settings in Mygeotab. Hope that helps, let we know if you have any other questions.

Jiajun Zhou

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