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Salutations Geotab,

I had a few general questions I was hoping you could answer regarding Reports and Integration possibilties. 

1.) Report Data-Tab API calls.

So far as I know, there is no way to use the SDK to call upon the same API calls that the Geotab reports do to populate their data? For example, many of the Risk Management data-tab columns succinctly crunch data in a way I would enjoy using, but I imagine those are not available to the public? It is understood that one can get all the same data from other calls to the API.

2.) Generated Report Names.

More out of curiosity than anything, but also curious: Is the long string of characters after a report name have external significance? I assume it is essentially an internal serial number for Geotab to keep track of things, but in case there is rhyme and reason it might be useful to know.

3.) Calling Reports via API

Also an assumed "no" answer.. Other than Emailing a report and then fetching it, I assume there is no way to use the API to call reports directly?


No worries if any of the above are "no" answers, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask!

Many thanks,


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1) Yes, the data tab is populated by back-end queries. In the case of the Risk Management report (and other reports that populate the data tab differently), the calculation/compiling is done in the back-end.

1) and 3) Yes, we have very recently added a API method (GetReportJson) that allows you to extract excel reports into JSON format. We do not currently have a lot of documentation on this, here is a sample call:

api.call("GetReportJson", {
"argument": {
"reportTemplate": {
"id": "ReportTemplateAdvancedEngineFaultId"
"sheetName": "Report"

2) The naming convention for downloaded excel reports from MyGeotab is currently 'reportname DDMMYYYY_randomnumbers.xlsx'. So, no there is no external use to this value.


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