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ana this thing i know .but problem is when we ingratiate our system in geo tab . that time any user open our software or app. i need that user details


Ana Salehi 


While it is tempting to simply “hard code” the application to point to a particular server, such as my20.geotab.com, this is the incorrect approach. Over the course of time a database is not guaranteed to remain on the same server. It is common for load balancing to occur and resources to be transferred from one server to another as necessary. To prevent the application from losing its connection to the correct database, authentication calls must be made to the root federation server instead of making the request to a particular server.

As an example; making an authentication call to “my.geotab.com” and authentication occurring. Such a call could be made as:

/* The following JavaScript example shows how to call Authenticate. Just fill in your details for each of the parameters. */
api.call("Authenticate", {
Rohit Isshu

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Hello Rohit,

What specific details are you attempting to pull from our system regarding the user? The username, database and sessionId are all contained in the response of the authenticate call. Is there some other detail you are trying to retrieve? 

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