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I've been trying to create a detailed report that shows me by a x number of minutes what the vehicle is doing. I manage to do so by going to the Accident and Log report and adding a filter on the Ignition to TRUE. The problem is that I haven't found a way to do the report with the movement status (Idle, moving or stopped). 

Has anyone done this here?

Julio Hernandez

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Hello Julio, 

The movement of the vehicle is based on the stops of the vehicle. You can pull the vehicle's detailed trip history and it will let you know idling, driving and stops of the vehicle. 

How to Run Detailed Trips History

  1. Select the Vehicles tab  
  2. select the desired Vehicle
  3. Click on View on Map 
  4. Select Trips History
  5. Select Options
  6. Select the desired Date Range
  7. Click Apply Changes
  8. Click View 
  9. Select Trips Detail Report
  10. Select Either PDF or Excel report

Thank you,


Jordan Jones 0 votes

Hello Jordan,


Thank you so much for the response. The problem I'm having with the Trips Report is that it doesn't show any data on the report when he is driving. I was looking for a report that includes when he is driving with the locations. I was able to do this with my previous GPS service that I had but with GEOTAB I can't find a way to do it.

Julio Hernandez 0 votes